[tor-relays] tor network "loses" ~50 relays/day due to bw auth problem

Jannis Wiese mail at janniswiese.com
Wed Jun 3 00:49:47 UTC 2015

Hi all,

thanks for your answer and the point to the BwAuth specs, Tom - I’ll definitely get into that, or at least try to.

The proposal sounds interesting and I think it would be a good thing to have the whole voting mechanism a bit more transparent. But I guess that might not happen in the near future as it seems to require some bit of work at the back-end…

On 01.06.2015, at 18:56, torelay <torelay at ruggedinbox.com> wrote:
> I set my bridge up using the guide at https://www.sky-ip.org/tutorials.html <https://www.sky-ip.org/tutorials.html> and I have a steady flow of connections definitely visible via tor-arm. 

Thanks for the suggestion! I checked my setup with the tutorial and while I didn’t know that one, I did everything shown there when I was originally setting up the relay. So unfortunately, that doesn’t solve my problem :(

Meanwhile, my consensus weight increased again and I’m now at about the level I was two weeks ago. So maybe Nick was right when he said

> Right now, if you want to know the reason why your server was listed a certain way in the Tor directory, the following steps are recommended:
> - Wait a while, see if things get better.


Best regards,
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