[tor-relays] Digital Ocean: Moving to better Plan (Abhiram Chintangal)

Spencer Rhodes spencer at rhodespa.com
Sat Jan 31 21:23:39 UTC 2015

> I have been running a tor middle relay[1] for the past few months.
> One thing that I noticed in the last two months is that my relay is eating
> up the 1tb bandwidth in the first three weeks. So I am thinking of moving
> to a better plan or tweaking the current config to serve the bandwidth so
> that the relay is up for the entire month.
> I assume that you want a recommendation. A better plan probably means spending more money. Would be better for the network. If you can spare the money, go for it.
> If you dont want to spend more money than it would be a good idea to lower the Rate value until you end up within your traffic limit for the month. The benefit would be a permanent available relay.
>  Hmm, I think I will try changing the rate and see what happens. Last year, I used a daily limit instead of monthly one. It drastically reduced the relays reported bandwidth ( 1Mbps to 60 kbps ).  

If you are on the 1TB plan at DigitalOcean, you will want to set something like the following:

RelayBandwidthRate 600 KB  # Throttle traffic to 600KB/s
RelayBandwidthBurst 1.2 MB # But allow bursts up to 1.2 MB/s

rather than set a daily or monthly limit. The reason being that your server will stay up all the time instead of suddenly hibernating (essentially going offline) when it hits the cap.
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