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cacahuatl cacahuatl at autistici.org
Sat Jan 24 20:16:13 UTC 2015

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Markus Hitter:
> Am 24.01.2015 um 17:16 schrieb Matthew Anderson:
>> But I have to ask, why would you want to connect to freenode
>> from an exit relay when you can connect from within?
> - It adds unneccessary load to the Tor network.
Most of the network is under-utilised guards and middle nodes, hidden
services don't stress exits, which are the limited resource.
> - It triples general network load.
> - It's a hassle to setup. Proxies and such stuff.
Running Tor Browser and setting some options on your IRC client?
> - Even more if I don't want to move my entire PCs over to Tor 
> entirely. Then I have to choose the network on an per application 
> base, which not all applications allow to do.
Consider using better applications ;) There's no other fix for this.
> - I can no longer use unregistered nicks.
Take this up with freenode
> - I can no longer register a nick.
Take this up with freenode
> - The same applies to all other users, the latter two are 
> prohibitive for users actually in need of anonymity.
Take this up with freenode
>> There's a reason they offer the hidden service to connect to 
>> their network.
> I'm entirely fine with them offering this service. No need to 
> forbid other services along with this, though.
Take this up with freenode
>> Respectfully, I think you have a _lot_ to learn.
> Perhaps I'm not that kind of guy who accepts somebody elses 
> decision as a god given. It's a deliberate decision by the
> Freenode folks. It's not me in need of help, it's them. They need a
> better way to distinguish spammers from legitimate users.
So you know it's something to take up with freenode?
> Seeing pretty much all participants on this list (a Tor list!) are 
> opposed to improving the situation of Tor isn't exactly
> encouraging to write some code to solve this problem. Perhaps I
> should return to hacking 3D printers.
I would like a pony, why is everyone opposed to Tor downloads and Tor
contributions being rewarded with a pony, it would improve the
situation of Tor?
Tor cannot influence freenode policy....take this up with freenode
> Thanks, Markus
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