[tor-relays] Average packaged cell fullness - decreasing recently

Kees Goossens kees at itisgoodtobetheking.com
Thu Jan 22 20:21:58 UTC 2015

Dear all,

According to the log file of freshhumbug, the average packaged cell fullness always decreases after restarting my relay.
This seems to have initiated mid/late October 2014,:-before then the packaged cell fullness was more or less constant.
Whatever the measure exactly means, this doesn’t seem right.
Hibernation has no impact, i.e. the fullness decreases from before to after hibernation.
Could anyone comment on whether this is true but not to worry, or true and to worry, or not true (and not worry)?

Graph enclosed (start=23 July 2014, end=today, running more or less all the time, apart from a little hibernation), showing the Nth ‘Averaged packaged cell fullness’ message in the logfile on the X axis and its value on the Y axis.  (i.e. X axis does not exactly represent 6 hour intervals due to occasional hibernation.)
The steep increases coincide with restarting the relay.

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