[tor-relays] Consensus weight dropped

Network Operations Center noc at schokomil.ch
Mon Jan 19 20:04:06 UTC 2015

Yes, fraction dropped from 0,2% to 0.000072%

On 19.01.2015 08:45 PM, Karsten Loesing wrote:
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> On 19/01/15 20:14, Bram de Boer wrote:
>> Sebastian wrote:
>>> One theory might be that the addition of a new bwauth has
>>> shifted which vote gets picked for the consensus. It's
>>> conceivable that bwauths rate relays which are placed
>>> topologically close higher than others.
>> Thank you for your suggestion. I hope that is not the case and the
>> drop in consensus weight is just a temporary glitch. I will post to
>> the development mailing list to see if the techies can comment on
>> this.
>> Paying hundreds of dollars of my hard earned money for a relay that
>> is not being used by the network is not something I will keep doing
>> for long. I support the goals and ideology of Tor, but the project
>> will lose me as a volunteer if consensus weight does not restore
>> soon.
> Did you check whether the consensus weight *fraction* also dropped?
> If all consensus weights dropped by a certain factor, there's no
> change in the probability of clients choosing your relay at all.
> Take a look at Atlas' or Globe's consensus weight fraction graphs and
> see if they changed over the past weeks or months.
> All the best,
> Karsten
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