[tor-relays] New Arris TG1672 Cable Modem, relay not reachable...help!

Sebastian Urbach sebastian at urbach.org
Sun Jan 18 22:38:02 UTC 2015

On January 18, 2015 11:26:47 PM Kurt Besig <kbesig at socal.rr.com> wrote:


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> I've been running a middle relay for nine months with great success,
> however yesterday my ISP, TWC, upgraded my cable modem and everything
> went south. Then unfortunately there was a firmware upgrade for my
> Asus RT-N66U router. Perfect storm, now My relay is down, DirPort[80]
> and ORPort[443] unreachable.
> The new router admin interface looks like something written in Greek
> to me and although I've forwarded 443 and 80 there's still no joy.

I try to help via private mail, talk to you soon.

> After almost a year of seamless connectivity I may have forgotten some
> important setup fact, but other than the modem and router firmware
> update my setup hasn't changed same computer, same Ubuntu LTS 14.04,
> same Tor
> Anyone familiar with this Arris TG1672 modem, Assus' latest RT-N66U
> firmware, or any general help would be most appreciated..
> horizons3
> My old IP:
> New IP:
> dhcp
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> uarWayXPQSh6DXT+OMFSpy/qkE1kQVP3dNqwuaP9GVwxrJ7Qqr6Suhrmlak7Npel
> 6BvgQGcTwhsGGtI+KiS4IyVAjjkPcltXOyHCgOELeE8tBjyWsaYuoRJkI48CnZM9
> GE+dWy2MXribEZ75IpCl3/qmE1vqdSU4LONtqfMNZ+buFkCp5BhQ5QkiRH+qpOBG
> tbEuV2CK+2smlWOnK84v0bqfgcj08iWGOOSMu3+Cwc+8j2XI4fi2qMfsbfrq9Qqp
> spwOhlTtafxJvgf57ul5gY5Vdo9HH5OtZYBwd+SjVGOE0f4qNgXjqRxostKRSmE=
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