[tor-relays] You relay isn't getting indexed by Authorities?

Oliver Baumann baumanno at cip.ifi.lmu.de
Tue Jan 13 14:23:37 UTC 2015

Since I'm pretty sure my ISP isn't blocking all authorities, I
investigated and found an issue: your script looks for the string "1
received" in the output of ping, namely lines 29 and 40, whereas my ping
outputs "1 packets received" for successful pings, thus failing to match.

I'd recommend changing this to something more widely supported, e.g.
checking for "bytes from" yielded much better results. You might want to
think about combining this with the respective host's IP to be a little

Thanks for this!


On Tue, January 13, 2015 9:11 am, Linus Nordberg wrote:
> Dedalo <me at dedalo.in> wrote
> Mon, 12 Jan 2015 16:31:59 -0500:
> | Some months ago I started running another tor relay (middle relay) and
> | something happened, My relay wasn't getting indexed by any authority,
> | neither wasn on atlas. A friend recommended me to make some tests, the
> | problem was the ISP had blacklisted 6 Authorities, but to figure out
> | this I had to make some tests... I made a very simple script which tests
> | if your isp has blacklisted any authority or if you have a problem with
> | your DNS...
> What ISP is this?
> What does a traceroute have to say?
> Which of the directory authorities did it block?
> Is it still doing it?
> | https://github.com/Dedal0/TorAuthoritiesScript
> |
> | Just run the script in the vps before you setup a relay to avoid
> | indexing problems... The script makes a simple test but is efficient in
> | most of authority cases.
> Not all networks allow ICMP. Trying to set up a TCP connection to the
> directory authority dirport would test something that is a bit closer to
> what is needed for submitting a server descriptor.
> Thanks for the script and for running a relay.
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