[tor-relays] Extreme Overclocking / Relay Performance

root tor at afo-tm.org
Tue Jan 13 08:46:00 UTC 2015

AFAIK Tor is on the way to get working multithreading, so if this is
done you should be able to saturate a 10 gig pipe with some of the
bigger cpus. Does somebody know if there is some schedule in what
timespan Tor will get there?

Thomas White:
> Having discussed this with my partner earlier today, I am curious as
> to what knowledge the community might have on overclocking a CPU or
> using other speciality hardware to create an ultra fast Tor relay. I
> am aware of what IPredator have done but I feel confident better can
> be done.
> Has anyone looked into FPGA's at all or know what features, other than
> AES-NI enabled CPUs could bring big performance boosts?
> T
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