[tor-relays] You relay isn't getting indexed by Authorities?

Dedalo me at dedalo.in
Mon Jan 12 21:31:59 UTC 2015

Some months ago I started running another tor relay (middle relay) and
something happened, My relay wasn't getting indexed by any authority,
neither wasn on atlas. A friend recommended me to make some tests, the
problem was the ISP had blacklisted 6 Authorities, but to figure out
this I had to make some tests... I made a very simple script which tests
if your isp has blacklisted any authority or if you have a problem with
your DNS...


Just run the script in the vps before you setup a relay to avoid
indexing problems... The script makes a simple test but is efficient in
most of authority cases.


twitter: @SeguridadBlanca
Github: Dedal0
Blog: https://blog.dedalo.in

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