[tor-relays] please put jego00X relays in a "family"

Nusenu BM-2D8wMEVgGvY76je1WXNPfo8SrpZt5yGHES at bitmessage.ch
Sat Jan 10 10:22:51 UTC 2015

Dear Tor relay operator,

thanks for running your relays with such a great diversity (not two
relays in the same network).

Please be so kind to put all your relays [1] into a so called family to
tell Tor clients that these relays are managed by one entity and should
not be used toghther in one circuit.


The relevant configuration option is:

> MyFamily node,node,…
> Declare that this Tor server is controlled or administered by a group
> or organization identical or similar to that of the other servers,
> defined by their identity fingerprints. When two servers both declare
> that they are in the same 'family', Tor clients will not use them in
> the same circuit. (Each server only needs to list the other servers
> in its family; it doesn’t need to list itself, but it won’t hurt.) Do
> not list any bridge relay as it would compromise its concealment. 
> When listing a node, it’s better to list it by fingerprint than by
> nickname: fingerprints are more reliable.

[1] https://atlas.torproject.org/#search/jego

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