[tor-relays] Tor in Spain

Torizen torizen at rambler.ru
Fri Jan 9 15:39:30 UTC 2015

David Serrano:
> On 2015-01-09 12:35:02 (+0000), Torizen wrote:
>> Only Tor exit relays are against EDIS TOS. As far as I can tell EDIS is
>> also listed on the GoodBadISPs on the Tor wiki where it states bridges
>> and non-exit relays are allowed.
>> What worries me is the fact that according to them some new law here in
>> Spain forbids Tor relays.
> Then it would be interesting if they were so kind to point to that alleged new
> law that was put in place. And if indeed no tor relays are allowed, you could
> update the GoodBadISPs.
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After asking them to tell me exactly what law was forbidding Tor relays
from being placed in Spain I've been told I can still run the relay "for


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