[tor-relays] new VPS bridge bandwidth under-reported

starlight.2015q1 at binnacle.cx starlight.2015q1 at binnacle.cx
Fri Jan 9 05:17:16 UTC 2015

I allowed the bridge bandwidth decay
over a couple of days back to 8KBbyte,
which seems to be the floor.  "Fast"
flag was dropped.

After about a day that way, the bridge/relay
daemon started running an occasional
"bandwidth self-test", the rate went
up to 60KB and the "fast" flag returned.

Appears as though the self-check here is
looking for a minimum level and not
trying to push to maximum useable
bandwidth, but this is only a
casual observation.

Six days in and no "stable" flag,
but I'm hoping to see it in the next
couple of days.

At 05:57 1/5/2015 -0500, starlight.2015q1 at binnacle.cx wrote:
>Whoa wow. . .
>It just popped to 700KB, presumably because
>I used it to browse and then download
>the TBB bundle as a test.
>So I guess that means the bandwidth measurement
>for a bridge is strictly passive?  Presumably
>that also means that it is not used as
>a criteria for dissemination?

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