[tor-relays] how to monitor traffick through a bridge

mattia sowdust at autistici.org
Mon Jan 5 19:40:05 UTC 2015

Mon 05 Jan 2015, 18:04, eliaz:

> mattia:
> > Hi, I would like to know how one can monitor traffic that goes
> > through a bridge. I have set one up and would like to know whether
> > it is being used or not, and how much. Thanks!
> The advice so far given is for tor on linux, and won't do you any good
> if you're running a windows OS. If you are, let us know. Also let us
> know if you're running a tor bridge bundle or tor browser + standalone
> vidalia. - eliaz

Thank you very much for all the precious advice. I am running tor
on linux. I have simply set up tor from the official deb repository and
configured it to work as a bridge (I'm afraid my ISP is not tor-friendly
enough to allow me manage an exit node).
I'm currently having a power supply issue, but when this is resolved I will try your suggestions

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