[tor-relays] IP addresses as false positives?

eliaz eliaz at riseup.net
Mon Jan 5 07:30:15 UTC 2015

The antivirus program on a machine running a bridge occasionally
reports like so:

	Object:	https://<some IP address>
	Infection: URL:Mal [sic]
	Process: ... \tor.exe

When I track down the addresses I find they are tor nodes (sometimes
bridges, sometimes guards, sometimes exits.

Are the flagged nodes in some ways miss-configured, or can I consider
these to be false positives? Is there anything to worry about here?

Detail: The tor and standalone vidalia folders have been flagged as
exceptions (i.e. excluded) in the virus scanner. The scanner's web
module is picking up the IP addresses from the port traffic.

Thanks for any enlightenment - eliaz

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