[tor-relays] Jump in brute force complaints

Richard Johnson rdump at river.com
Mon Jan 5 05:30:50 UTC 2015

On 2015-01-04 03:31, usprey wrote:
>and the sysads don't even bother to do a
> reverse lookup before sending abuse complaints I will not bother
> wasting my time on answering them. It is no secret how to properly
> secure internet connected systems, and in all cases their firewalls
> etc. obviously works, so my message to them, if any, would be "Welcome
> to the internet...".

We send a standard response that attempts to explain in a friendly manner that 
they're seeing traffic from Tor exit node, which is used, critically, by 
regular computer users who need privacy.  The message also gives suggestions 
for protecting their systems against the frequent attacks from compromised 
(non-Tor) systems.

We do put some reporters in the ignore bin, however.  This typically happens 
after they suggest extortion, make threats, or continue to send automated 
reports in a manner that indicates they're not able to act upon the replies. 
There's simply no engagement possibility with such, so our continuing to 
respond will just be a waste of others' resources.


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