[tor-relays] Jump in brute force complaints

usprey usprey at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 10:31:55 UTC 2015

Regarding SSH I have only received complaints from sysads complaining
about unauthorized connection attempts to port 22 getting caught in
firewalls, sometimes even with no SSH service listening on port 22.
Since I follow the exit guidelines with tor-exit-notice.html on
DirPort, Reverse DNS etc., and the sysads don't even bother to do a
reverse lookup before sending abuse complaints I will not bother
wasting my time on answering them. It is no secret how to properly
secure internet connected systems, and in all cases their firewalls
etc. obviously works, so my message to them, if any, would be "Welcome
to the internet...".

Apart from ssh brutes I have had a few autogenerated complaints from

On 4 January 2015 at 05:27, Kura <kura at kura.io> wrote:
> I've noticed a rather large jump in abuse emails from admits about brute
> force attempts coming from my exit nodes.
> I've had a handful of these in past, as you'd expect but now they are
> arriving multiple times a day, some automated emails, some not.
> Has anyone else noticed a jump in abuse complaints?
> Curious as to whether it's a spike in the network being used for abuse, more
> admits reading logs or just my luck.
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