[tor-relays] Jump in brute force complaints

Toralf Förster toralf.foerster at gmx.de
Sun Jan 4 10:02:40 UTC 2015

On 01/04/2015 05:27 AM, Kura wrote:
> I've noticed a rather large jump in abuse emails from admits about brute
> force attempts coming from my exit nodes.
> I've had a handful of these in past, as you'd expect but now they are
> arriving multiple times a day, some automated emails, some not.
> Has anyone else noticed a jump in abuse complaints?
> Curious as to whether it's a spike in the network being used for abuse,
> more admits reading logs or just my luck. 
Starting with December my exit relay is every few minutes flooded with port scan attempts of port 22, 80 and sometimes 443.

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