[tor-relays] Location of Tor relays being incorrectly reported in Atlas

isis isis at torproject.org
Sat Jan 3 17:22:16 UTC 2015

Joshua Lee Tucker transcribed 4.6K bytes:
> Hi guys,
> Two of my Tor relays are being reported as being located within the USA within Atlas; these nodes are actually located within London, UK - the location is correctly identified when using an IP->Location service.
> I’m just wondering why this would occur?
> The two IP addresses are:
> Thanks guys,
> Joshua Lee Tucker

Hey Joshua,

This used to happen to my exit relay in Japan, which was reported by Atlas to
be in China (causing me to have a minor freakout).

The explanation that I was given was that the Maxmind GeoIP database (which
Tor uses in a slightly modified form) is created by Maxmind in some manner
where, even if the IP assignments show that the IP should be in one region, if
the IP happens to be more frequently "in communication" with another region,
then it's marked as being in that other region.  However, this explanation
seems erroneous and doesn't really make sense to me… so perhaps someone else
can explain more. :)

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