[tor-relays] HardwareAccel: Current proper use???

Sebastian Urbach sebastian at urbach.org
Sat Jan 3 12:56:33 UTC 2015

On January 3, 2015 10:41:42 AM usprey <usprey at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi usprey,

> Summary:
> The documentation is still somewhat vague on the best use of the
> "HardwareAccel" option.
> > *HardwareAccel* *0*|*1*

The docu is not exactly a high-performance howto :-)

> >
> > If non-zero, try to use built-in (static) crypto hardware acceleration
> > when available. (Default: 0)
> >
> I could not find a definitive answer in the archives or in
> https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor.git/log/?qt=grep&q=hardwareaccel&showmsg=1
> .
> https://www.torservers.net/wiki/setup/server#aes-ni_crypto_acceleration claims
> no intervention is needed in regards of aes-ni accelaration, but I would
> like to add an explanation or source to this recommendation.
> Question_1:
> If my CPU supports and have loaded aesni_intel on linux with OpenSSL is
> 1.0.1.j-1, should I leave HardwareAccel off or explicitly enable it?

You don't have to change anything with 1.0.1.j-1, leave the default.

> Question_2:
> What does "*built-in (static) crypto hardware acceleration*" refer to?
> Dedicated hardware, CPU-support or...?

It specifically means that you have the aes_ni cpu capabilities / flag. I 
have seen this flag on dedicated systems and also on vps systems as well. 
If the cpu / bios provides the flag and all other requirements are met (as 
stated in the torservers.net docu) you can use that feature on any system.

I would very much appreciate it if you would switch to text mail format, 

Thank you very much for running a relay !

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