[tor-relays] Help - My relay consensus has been stripped back to 20

bigbudtor at Safe-mail.net bigbudtor at Safe-mail.net
Sat Jan 3 01:02:39 UTC 2015

Thanks Sebastian, That explains the loss of guard status back in August at least. I totally missed that announcement. 

Back to the main issue, it does look like one or two others at least are having this problem. Is it simply as a result of being in a Lizard-blacklisted netblock? Bigbud is in Is the current Lizard-blacklist published or is it only known to the directory authorities?



> Hi,

> Found the snippet with the changes for the guards:

> Tor Weekly News, 30th of July 2014

> Once directory authorities have upgraded, they will “assign the Guard flag 
> to the fastest 25% of the network”. Some experiments showed that “for the 
> current network, this results in about 1100 guards, down from 2500.”
> -- 
> Sincerely yours / Sincères salutations
> Sebastian Urbach

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