[tor-relays] Help - My relay consensus has been stripped back to 20

s7r s7r at sky-ip.org
Fri Jan 2 23:39:52 UTC 2015

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This was reported yesterday 01.01.2015 in IRC too, for this relay:


The same it was pushing good amounts of traffic and the consensus
weight dropped to 20 with no modifications made to the Tor config file
or anything. You are the 3rd person who reports this, seams like worth
investigating further.

I can see both of them are exits, but doubt this has anything to do
with it.

Could it be a measurement problem from the bandwidth authorities? Why
would it happen only to very few relays in this case?

On 1/3/2015 1:28 AM, bigbudtor at Safe-mail.net wrote:
> On the 29th December one of our relays, bigbud
> (6911888F83565892FE23F1B03EB501D80E1E8780) which had a consensus of
> 630+ and had been running for nearly 18 months (100 days uptime
> running 2.5.8) suddenly started receiving much less traffic.
> I have seen a gradual reduction in traffic over the course of the
> last year but on the 29th the drop off was very significant and I
> saw in Atlas that the consensus is dropped to 20. When I look at
> the consensus files it shows that bigbud has a consensus of 20 and
> that Unmeasured was set to 1.
> Any ideas please? I upgraded Tor to 2.5.10 after I noticed the
> consensus drop. Is this something to do with the Lizard new relay
> flood or something or is there an actual problem with the relay?
> On a related note the relay lost guard status too a few months ago
> and I couldn't see why that would be. 
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