[tor-relays] Help - My relay consensus has been stripped back to 20

bigbudtor at Safe-mail.net bigbudtor at Safe-mail.net
Fri Jan 2 23:28:48 UTC 2015

On the 29th December one of our relays, bigbud (6911888F83565892FE23F1B03EB501D80E1E8780) which had a consensus of 630+ and had been running for nearly 18 months (100 days uptime running 2.5.8) suddenly started receiving much less traffic. 

I have seen a gradual reduction in traffic over the course of the last year but on the 29th the drop off was very significant and I saw in Atlas that the consensus is dropped to 20. When I look at the consensus files it shows that bigbud has a consensus of 20 and that Unmeasured was set to 1.

Any ideas please? I upgraded Tor to 2.5.10 after I noticed the consensus drop. Is this something to do with the Lizard new relay flood or something or is there an actual problem with the relay?

On a related note the relay lost guard status too a few months ago and I couldn't see why that would be.

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