[tor-relays] Reduced number of HSDir's

Kura kura at kura.io
Fri Jan 2 18:47:51 UTC 2015

I think something must have happened, I restarted half a dozen or so of my relays over a week ago and none of them have been given the HSDir flag, which if I remember rightly is a 21 hour flag? I may be mistaken but, I would have expected that flag to be back with over a week of uptime.


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On 02/01/2015 18:30:00, Austin Bentley <ab6d9 at mst.edu> wrote:
No clue. I wonder if there's some backlash from a anti-attack mechanism of some sort? There was a few attempted attacks against the Tor network, but it wasn't anything worth discussing. Check out the post on the 31st from blog.torproject.org [http://blog.torproject.org].

On Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 11:25 AM, Sebastian Urbach <sebastian at urbach.org [mailto:sebastian at urbach.org]> wrote:


https://metrics.torproject.org [https://metrics.torproject.org] shows a big nose dive recently regarding the number of HSDir's. Did i miss anything relevant in the last days ? That seem to be the reason why i see increasing download numbers on my system.

Thanks for any lind of info.
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