[tor-relays] Webtropia threatening with penalty of 5.100€

spriver spriver at autistici.org
Wed Dec 2 14:40:10 UTC 2015


I am (or was) running a Tor Exit Node with about 200-250bmit/s on a VPS
at Webtropia for several months with the common reduced exit policy
They never had a problem with the fact of running an exit, from time to
time I got an abuse mail to which I responded with the "usual thing"
(that I'm running an exit and the connections are not initiated by me.
If some party wishes not to be contacted I would restrict acces [exit
policy]). On Monday morning my server got shut down. I contacted them by
asking, why the server was shut down, they responded that some spam was
sent (abuse mailing from courbis.fr, axmo12.de claimed a brute force on
SSH and the usual stuff from Webiron) and thus my server was blocked by
them. They now claim that they are entitled to contractual penalty of
5.100,- € to be charged because I violate their Terms of Use. Their
Terms do not forbid Tor itself, but spamming and other illegal things
such as port scanning and DoS-attacks
They also told me that they cannot monitor if the traffic is really Tor
traffic and that I should configure my server to prevent such abuse.

How should I proceed there?


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