[tor-relays] Calling for more Exit Relays

Rejo Zenger rejo at zenger.nl
Fri Aug 21 21:48:54 UTC 2015

++ 21/08/15 12:21 +0000 - Sharif Olorin:
>Could you estimate the number of abuse complaints you receive, or the
>amount of time you need to spend responding to them - and how many
>exits for how long, for context? I'd like to operate an exit node[0],

With the experience of running a couple of exit relays, some of them 
high-bandwidth, all of them running the reduced exit-policy: just a few 
complaints worth responding to every month for every node.

Most of the complaints are automated and replying doesn't do anything. I 
have a default answer that I send to non-automated complaints and hardly 
ever there is a follow-up to that. Rarely I see a request from a LEA, 
which always get more or less the same answer (a denial + explanation).

In other words, it doesn't take too much time (provided you run your 
relay with reduced exit policy - or stricter).

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