[tor-relays] Calling for more Exit Relays

Ben Serebin ben at reefsolutions.com
Fri Aug 21 13:11:30 UTC 2015

I think the issue is a ease of deployment & abuse issues is limiting deployment #'s. Funds isn't the issue in my eyes. If we could get $10-20/node setup globally, I would easily pony up $200/month and have 10-20 owner/operators running relays.


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Well met,

This comes back to my suggestion of having people in the community come together that have different strengths to get some more strong exits going. Sharif is primarily concerned about lack of time managing the abuse and such from the exit node, and my primary concern is spending money on what's ultimately a donation to a cause when I could be selfishly spending it on my student loans.

If people like Sharif and I got together to jointly run nodes as Owner/Operator, I think we could really expand the community in both infrastructure and people.

On 21.8.15 8:21, Sharif Olorin wrote:

I'd like to operate an exit node[0],

my chief concern being lack of time. The only reason I can operate

relays at all is by automating everything I can; I've considered things

like writing an autoresponder to a prominent abuse email address which

delivers the standard exit-node boilerplate appended with a contact

address in case followup is necessary, but I have no idea how

effective that would be - any thoughts would be welcome.



[0] I prefer not to contribute funds in lieu of operating relays; it's

    tempting, but operator diversity is important.


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