[tor-relays] Guidelines for lifetime of a bridge?

Tim Sammut tim at teamsammut.com
Mon Aug 17 08:13:21 UTC 2015

Thank you, Isis and Tom.

On 08/17/2015 02:04 AM, isis wrote:
> Since you've seen the traffic drop off, you might want to consider changing IP
> addresses.  Also, if you aren't already, you might want to consider running the
> obfs4 Pluggable Transport if you can, since it is direct probing resistant and
> DPI-resistant.

With possible config changes in mind, is it best to use ports 80 and 443
for pluggable transports?

IIRC the bridgeDB prefers to hand out at least one bridge with port 80
or 443 open. Right now the bridge runs obfs3 on 80/tcp and obfs4 on
443/tcp. Is that still a desirable setup (despite having to run bits as

thanks again and hope you are well

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