[tor-relays] Guidelines for lifetime of a bridge?

isis isis at torproject.org
Mon Aug 17 01:04:48 UTC 2015

Tom van der Woerdt transcribed 7.7K bytes:
> I'd say about a year is ideal. Maybe longer.
> It takes a long time for your bridge's IP address to be handed out to users.
> Once they finally have one, the addresses should remain valid, instead of
> immediately expiring.
> Of course once it looks like your bridge's IP address has been exposed, drop
> the bridge and move it.
> Tom


Tom's advice above is pretty solid.  Please, do not do as starlight suggested,
since (as Tom already mentioned) it takes a while for BridgeDB to distribute
your Bridge to enough users.

Since you've seen the traffic drop off, you might want to consider changing IP
addresses.  Also, if you aren't already, you might want to consider running the
obfs4 Pluggable Transport if you can, since it is direct probing resistant and

Thanks for running a Bridge!
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