[tor-relays] Guard flag flapping

torrry at Safe-mail.net torrry at Safe-mail.net
Sun Aug 9 22:12:05 UTC 2015

> So we now have the bandwidth, IP, and dirport of the fastest exits. With this list in hand, I just needed to form a proper URL, wget each one, and grep out the transfer speed:
> 1.17 MB/s
> 4.54 MB/s
> 666 KB/s
> 111 KB/s
> 330 KB/s
> 3.65 MB/s
> 2.20 MB/s
> 13.4 MB/s
> 347 KB/s
> 295 KB/s
> I'm not seeing anything immediately, although I need to run it on a larger set. There's no smoking gun so far though. Some of the speeds are a bit slow, but nothing low enough to explain the extremely low measured bandwidth these relays are getting.

The current BW auth measurement results are around 1.0MBit/s for greendream848. I had a couple of measurements in the 300-500KBit/s range. So, if the auths heavily weight towards low individual measurements, things might make sense.

Maybe one of the BW auth guys can comment on how the total measurement result is cooked up!?

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