[tor-relays] Guard flag flapping

torrry at Safe-mail.net torrry at Safe-mail.net
Sun Aug 9 09:31:04 UTC 2015

> Thanks for running the tests. Which exit nodes led to poor performance? I would like to try to reproduce any performance problems.

I did not record the nodes (they were in Europe). A simple test you could run on your server is fetching directory info from nodes that have directory functionality enabled.

wget http://<relay IP>:<dir port>/tor/server/all

e.g.: wget

You can get a bandwidth-sorted list of nodes at:

There is a column that has the directory port.

> How would you measure performance between my node and a given exit without being influenced by the properties of the middle relay? You can only set me as an entrynode, and you can't pick a specific middle, 

You are wrong. :-) 

You can build arbitrary circuits by hand. There are libraries like Stem, Txtorcon, TorCtl and there is a text based, SMTP-like protocol that you can use directly:


> so how would you know that the low performance was my node and not the random middle relay?

Your node would be a non-random middle relay.

> >  The bandwidth auths probably downrate the measurement results of your server severely because of those slow connections.
> Probably? How can we investigate further?

AFAIK, the raw bandwidth auth measurements are not published, only the total result.

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