[tor-relays] clarification on what Utah State University exit relays store ("360 gigs of log files")

Sharif Olorin sio at tesser.org
Sun Aug 9 06:44:25 UTC 2015

> I would expect most US universities to be logging netflow in the very
> least. Even if the Tor operator isn't keeping logs, it seems safe to assume
> the network operator is.

I'd be surprised if it was different for non-US universities - I'd
expect this to be the case for every university with its own AS, and
probably most without. It's not specific to universities either; it
would be a rare ISP that doesn't retain netflow for traffic accounting
purposes. It's often somewhat aggregated, but to varying degrees - the
last such system I worked on was designed to retain indefinitely at
sub-minute granularity for training/crossvalidation of network anomaly

I'd be curious to know if anyone is running a relay that's not logged
at all within its own AS; it seems like it'd be out of the reach of
most operators, unless they have a friendly employer.


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