[tor-relays] Guard flag flapping

Green Dream greendream848 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 9 05:49:48 UTC 2015

On Sat, Aug 8, 2015 at 1:41 AM, <torrry at safe-mail.net> wrote:

> I ran some tests against your node. While performance is generally very
> good, it has very low performance connecting to some exit nodes.

Thanks for running the tests. Which exit nodes led to poor performance? I
would like to try to reproduce any performance problems.

How would you measure performance between my node and a given exit without
being influenced by the properties of the middle relay? You can only set me
as an entrynode, and you can't pick a specific middle, so how would you
know that the low performance was my node and not the random middle relay?

The problem is likely that your ISP is routing some traffic via an
> overloaded peering point.

This is certainly possible! It's the most compelling theory for me at the
moment, although I'm not convinced.

> Some ISPs have been know to do that on purpose, e.g. to make connections
> to Netflix or Youtube extremely slow while claiming not to do throttling.

Fortunately those practices are mostly coming to end in the US, with the
FCC's "Open Internet" rules adopted earlier this year. There is a way to
file complaints about it, but I'd need more data.

The bandwidth auths probably downrate the measurement results of your
> server severely because of those slow connections.

Probably? How can we investigate further?

As I write this one of the relays has the Guard flag again and is averaging
around 2 Mb/s. That still stinks, but the measured bandwidth shows only
15.0 Kb/s! Something is still ridiculously off. I'll continue digging. I
appreciate all the help thus far.
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