[tor-relays] Guard flag flapping

starlight.2015q3 at binnacle.cx starlight.2015q3 at binnacle.cx
Sat Aug 8 18:39:48 UTC 2015

[apologies to all for thread-breaking, am 
 really going on hiatus but the horror-show
 performance GBE topic was too darn
 interesting--last post I promise!]

>I would call it a dedicated gigabit link. This is
>probably up for debate.  The provider's overall
>capacity is very likely not [number of customers]
>x [1 Gb/s] but I've never witnessed signs of
>throttling or over-subscription.

Pulling a whois on the IP
and a quick Google turned up that you
are probably a bleeding-edge subscriber
to this new Quest service:


Running a filter on Blutmagie

   hostname contains quest

shows that your relays are, by a huge margin,
the fastest of about a dozen.

My advice is that this QWest service is third-rate
and rather than bleeding for the length of the
contract, run for the hills!

If you are still in the 1-month cancellation
period (relays are about a month old), terminate
the service immediately and place an order for
Verizon FiOS.

FiOS costs more, but sells real bandwidth instead
of imaginary bandwidth.  You can run a relay on a
75/75 MBit link (like mine) and obtain respectable
bandwidth ranking.  FiOS goes up to 1/2 GB for
about $300-400 per month but the bandwidth is real
and the network is good-to-excellent.

Either that or switch to leasing a colo server in
Germany or some other country where bandwidth is
extremely cheap, or perhaps finding a cheap
bandwidth colo in the US.

QWest GBE looks like a turkey.

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