[tor-relays] Guard flag flapping

starlight.2015q3 at binnacle.cx starlight.2015q3 at binnacle.cx
Sat Aug 8 15:46:24 UTC 2015

>. . .have physical access to the . . . ONT.

Doubt this is the case, but on the off chance that
the ONT is configured to flow IP traffic over a
coaxial cable attached to a CPE router (customer
premise equipment), the configuration should be
changed to deliver data over a Gigabit Ethernet
directly to a good-quality GBE switch provided by
you.  New eight-port Netgears are surprisingly
good managed switches for around $100.  For under
$600 you can purchase used 24-or-48-port
Nortel/Avaya 5510/5520 switches on eBay.  Though
old, these enterprise grade switches have
astounding performance characteristics due to the
Broadcom silicon switch-fabric chipset.  Were
around $7000 new when they were current-gen.  All
above switches have VLAN support so one switch can
operate as multiple isolated networks.

I run a Verizon FiOS 75/75 and the default setup
is for Internet traffic to pass to a Verizon
supplied Actiontec router over a coax cable.

Fortunately I hung out with the installer and
found out up front--had it switched to the
GBE from the outset.

For any VZ customers reading this, note that you
can connect the Actiontec to your network so it
can obtain TV programming information.  The coax
will continue to carry video and phone data which
are on separate fiber optic wavelengths/channels.

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