[tor-relays] Blutmagie does not see bandwidth

torrry at Safe-mail.net torrry at Safe-mail.net
Mon Aug 3 15:40:45 UTC 2015

> debugging the old Blutmagie Perl scripts I found all routers like 
> splitDNA running Tor sending two hash values in the 
> extra-info-digest. I suppose this isn't expected by the script parsing 
> the data.
> GETINFO desc/name/splitDNA
> 250+desc/name/splitDNA=
> router splitDNA 21 0 143
> [...]
> extra-info-digest D6F7A98078BDA327D388D918EBA92D0FC9EDC487 
> nMA7WhPSpQmquUdYpwIdQtdcKvTAcvNDnXleiPBia0U

It shouldn't be expected by the script:
"extra-info-digest" digest NL

       [At most once]

       "Digest" is a hex-encoded digest (using upper-case characters) of the
       router's extra-info document, as signed in the router's extra-info
       (that is, not including the signature).  (If this field is absent, the
       router is not uploading a corresponding extra-info document.)

Fetching descriptors via:

has 2 values for extra-info-digest as well.

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