[tor-relays] exit relay not utilising full capacity (even after months)

Rejo Zenger rejo at zenger.nl
Wed Oct 29 10:40:29 UTC 2014

++ 29/10/14 10:15 +0100 - Jeroen Massar:
>There are some weird properties in trying to do full-bandwidth.
>Deterministic it for sure is not.
>The IP is not mentioned in atlas:

Nope. That is the IP-address of the switch in front of the node. The 
IP-address of the node is The fingerprint is, as you 
have figured out already, AA0D167E03E298F9A8CD50F448B81FBD7FA80D56.

>Is "Tor" not outdated? You might be missing some features there.

Fixed. It's now running

>Are you also sure that coloclue likes you playing exit? (I can only
>assume so ;)


Anyway, I can't explain i) why the node was picking up speed so fast 
during April, both before and after Heartbleed and why it is so slow 
picking up speed in mid-July and 2) why there is a sudden drop in 
traffic since Friday.

As said before, I don't have the time (and lacking expertise to do this 
efficiently) to investigate these issues. If anyone else is interested, 
I am more than happy to help - of course. 

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