[tor-relays] BBC and UK Lottery blocking ip addresses running Tor

Dan Hanley hanley.dan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 11:41:25 UTC 2014

Hi Matt
I was in the unusual position where www.bbc.co.uk decided I was not UK
resident (I am) and redirected me to www.bbc.com - where none of the links
worked for me as that site decided I was UK resident.

The BBC did make it clear that they understand Tor relays should not be an
issue for them, but that they consider exits to violate their terms of
service. It would seem they have stopped discriminating against relays, I
doubt they'll ever be exit friendly :-(


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> Dan Hanley:
> > Looks like the BBC have changed their rules. I am still running a relay,
> > but can now access www.bbc.co.uk in a normal fashion.
> >
> > Still blocked by national lottery, but I'm hopeful that they both use the
> > same third party ip checker, and that the next lottery update will fix
> the
> > issue.
> Progress!
> I cried a little inside when I read, "We have asked our provider to give
> us a way of differentiating Tor exit nodes from non-exit relays, to
> allow us to block exit nodes only."
> Ugh.
> Did you have trouble reaching www.bbc.co.uk as well as iPlayer? That
> would be strange. I haven't seen them block Tor relays & exits simply
> getting to www.bbc.co.uk.
> --Matt
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