[tor-relays] BBC and UK Lottery blocking ip addresses running Tor

Matt Puckey matt at puckey.org
Sat Oct 25 18:19:21 UTC 2014

Dan Hanley:
> Looks like the BBC have changed their rules. I am still running a relay,
> but can now access www.bbc.co.uk in a normal fashion.
> Still blocked by national lottery, but I'm hopeful that they both use the
> same third party ip checker, and that the next lottery update will fix the
> issue.


I cried a little inside when I read, "We have asked our provider to give
us a way of differentiating Tor exit nodes from non-exit relays, to
allow us to block exit nodes only."


Did you have trouble reaching www.bbc.co.uk as well as iPlayer? That
would be strange. I haven't seen them block Tor relays & exits simply
getting to www.bbc.co.uk.


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