[tor-relays] exit node experience: abuse over HTTP, stealrat infection

Rejo Zenger rejo at zenger.nl
Wed Oct 22 06:41:35 UTC 2014

++ 21/10/14 22:29 +0200 - Manuel Gebauer:
>> > Although, the greater risk in my opinion, comes from the question
>> > if tor operators can be seen as service providers who would be
>> > exempt from responsibility for transmitted information under the
>> > term of this law. There's no precedence to my knowledge, but
>> > private wireless APs are in fact not exempt from responsibility.
>> Citation needed.
>"Für ein schlecht gesichertes WLAN besteht Störerhaftung." BGH,
>Urteil v. 12.05.2010, Az. I ZR 121/08, Link:

A "schlecht gesichertes WLAN" is, of course, something else than a 
deliberately opened router. The intentions of the owner a different, for 
a starter. Anyway, I am not sure whether this is worth a discussion or 
debate on this list.

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