[tor-relays] exit node experience: abuse over HTTP, stealrat infection

Manuel Gebauer manuel at myops.de
Tue Oct 21 20:29:16 UTC 2014

Hi Fabian,

Quoting Fabian Keil (2014-10-21 12:55:21)
> Manuel Gebauer <manuel at myops.de> wrote:
> > Although, the greater risk in my opinion, comes from the question
> > if tor operators can be seen as service providers who would be
> > exempt from responsibility for transmitted information under the
> > term of this law. There's no precedence to my knowledge, but
> > private wireless APs are in fact not exempt from responsibility.
> Citation needed.

"Für ein schlecht gesichertes WLAN besteht Störerhaftung." BGH,
Urteil v. 12.05.2010, Az. I ZR 121/08, Link:

I cant't of course cite missing precedence concerning tor,
because it is missing.

> As far as precedence is concerned, I believe that all the Tor-related
> raids in Germany (that I became aware of) ended with the state attorney
> closing the investigation (against the Tor operator) after finally
> realising that the offending traffic came through Tor.

Citation needed. :)

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