[tor-relays] exit node experience: abuse over HTTP, stealrat infection

renke at mobtm.com renke at mobtm.com
Tue Oct 21 11:44:51 UTC 2014

>> I learned that the qualification "not select or modify" acually IS
>> present in German law. § 8 TMG says, that the service provider is
>> not responsible in so far as he did not "chose or modify" the
>> transmitted information.
> As far as precedence is concerned, I believe that all the Tor-related
> raids in Germany (that I became aware of) ended with the state attorney
> closing the investigation (against the Tor operator) after finally
> realising that the offending traffic came through Tor.

Is the TMG law even used/relevant in Tor cases here in Germany? I don't have quotes or sources but if I remember correctly this specific law was never part of the closure.


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