[tor-relays] exit node experience: abuse over HTTP, stealrat infection

Rejo Zenger rejo at zenger.nl
Tue Oct 21 08:18:11 UTC 2014

++ 21/10/14 01:58 +0200 - Manuel Gebauer:
>I learned that the qualification "not select or modify" acually IS
>present in German law. § 8 TMG says, that the service provider is
>not responsible in so far as he did not "chose or modify" the
>transmitted information.

As the e-Commerce directive is a directive (duh!) and not a regulation, 
this European rules need to be transposed to national laws in each every 
member state. The Dutch also have their own version. 

>Although, the greater risk in my opinion, comes from the question
>if tor operators can be seen as service providers who would be
>exempt from responsibility for transmitted information under the
>term of this law. There's no precedence to my knowledge, but

That's right. Like I said: there is no case law, but it would be a most 
interesting case.

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