[tor-relays] GoodBadISPs revamp?

Thomas White thomaswhite at riseup.net
Mon Oct 13 01:09:50 UTC 2014

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I fully agree. I proposed a while back to try work on sortable tables
and to make the entire thing table based with factual information and
then have a column for anecdotal comments.

As a community I think we should also be more transparent in
communications with the ISP's in question. For example, rather than
stating a yes/no instead we find a tidy way to paste their exact
response and link it in the table so we know exactly who they talked
to, waht their question was and the reason they disallowed it.

I believe Moritz also has a private list which may be more up to date
than the GoodBadISP list (second hand information, I'll wait for his
chime on this) which we could merge.

On the thoughts of community feedback, the work of approaching
companies right now is limited to time. I think the cover letter to
ISP's could do with a revamp and made more clear where it is so people
can use it to save them having to write their own. If people know
their is a standard cover letter that they can use, they may be more
inclined to share their results.

Anyone with access to create a new page on the list and we can add
subsections to a new page containing the dated responses from each
company on their policy towards Tor hosting.

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On 13/10/2014 01:56, subkeys at riseup.net wrote:
> [cross-posted on tor-talk and tor-relays]
> i've found that the Tor GoodBadISPs list [1] is somewhat outdated
> on current hosts that allow Tor (exit) relays to be hosted. i'm
> trying to find a cheap host that allows exits to be operated from
> their services, and navigating the outdated list and finding an
> operator that isn't extremely expensive is time consuming (some
> entries go back to 2010!).
> should the community start a revamp project (or start a whole new
> list)? i'd be willing to donate my time to help get this started if
> need be.
> thanks. ---- mikael ball 0xB1910271AE8587F4 @subkeys
> [1]: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/GoodBadISPs
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