[tor-relays] Question on running bridge nodes

Tor externet co uk tor at externet.co.uk
Sat Oct 11 22:25:47 UTC 2014


I've set up a bridge node in the previous few weeks, but have had to put 
a bandwidth limit on, as I only have 10TB of traffic per month before my 
ISP will start throttling me to 100k/sec.

I wondered whether it was more helpful to the Tor network as a whole to 
have have a very fast node which hibernated every 12-15 hours, or if I 
throttled Tor traffic, so that the node was more stable.

I'll confess that I'm far more au fait with the politics of Tor than I 
am of the exact ins and outs of how the technology works. Any help would 
be gratefully received.


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