[tor-relays] Few questions about relaying

Blaise Gagnon quebecfibe at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 13:54:00 UTC 2014

after a few hours, still hibernating, and still wondering why I lost
Stable, Guard and Named all at the same time (see atlas graph)... weird.

2014-10-11 6:03 GMT-04:00 Blaise Gagnon <quebecfibe at gmail.com>:

> no reason for my node to be hibernating, no caps...
> 2014-10-11 3:31 GMT-04:00 Lunar <lunar at torproject.org>:
>> Blaise Gagnon:
>> > and ... what is "hibernating" ?
>> See AccountingMax and related options in tor manpage:
>>        AccountingMax N bytes|KBytes|MBytes|GBytes|KBits|MBits|GBits|TBytes
>>            Never send more than the specified number of bytes in a
>>            given accounting period, or receive more than that number
>>            in the period. For example, with AccountingMax set to 1
>>            GByte, a server could send 900 MBytes and receive 800
>>            MBytes and continue running. It will only hibernate once
>>            one of the two reaches 1 GByte. When the number of bytes
>>            gets low, Tor will stop accepting new connections and
>>            circuits. When the number of bytes is exhausted, Tor will
>>            hibernate until some time in the next accounting period.
>>            To prevent all servers from waking at the same time, Tor
>>            will also wait until a random point in each period before
>>            waking up. If you have bandwidth cost issues, enabling
>>            hibernation is preferable to setting a low bandwidth,
>>            since it provides users with a collection of fast servers
>>            that are up some of the time, which is more useful than a
>>            set of slow servers that are always "available".
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