[tor-relays] Need Routing Info on Relays

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Thanks again for taking time to answer all the questions..

This helped me a lot.

I am adding Tor-talk mailing

to my address book... 


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> > Thats a ton of information which is very much simplified..
> > Specially the graphics ;)
> Anytime.
> > I have a clear understanding now.. So what i figured is as far
> > as my ISP goes, he only knows that i am using Tor, period.
> Anyone who can monitor both ends of the connection can tell
> who is doing what by looking at who sends data into Tor
> and when similarly sized data leaves Tor.  There are other
> attacks as well.  Generally speaking though, I think its safe to
> assume that your ISP will only be able to see that you are
> using Tor.
> > Rest all is good to go.. All thanks to encryption. Then i assume
> > this makes it a better option than VPN. Am i right?
> Generally speaking Tor does a better job anonymising you than a
> VPN does.  To use the previous metaphor, in a VPN you take your
> message to Google and you put it in an envelope to Alice.  Alice
> then sends it to Google for you.  Alice knows who you are and who
> you are talking to.  Google just knows you send things via Alice.
> Your ISP knows that you use Alice as well.  Alice is the weak point
> here as if she caves or is untrustworthy, you have no protection.
> Using a VPN just shifts who can watch you from your ISP to your
> VPN provider.  This is a good thing if you trust your VPN provider
> more than your ISP, but someone still knows who you are and what
> you are doing.
> > Also a quick question jumped in.. Say i have a Raspberry PI which is converted
> > to a TOR router and i connect my machine to this router. Will this make the
> > entire traffic go via TOR including something as simple as a ping request.
> No. There is some additional configuration that needs done.  If you'd
> like all of your traffic to go through Tor, I'd recommend using
> Tails. https://tails.boum.org/
> > Say i ping a machine on the web, will it stay anonymous or i will have to
> > use proxychains, for what i know both of them are doing the same thing apart
> > from encryption in TOR as an added feature.
> I'm not very familiar with proxychains, so I can't answer that.
> Also this seems like a conversation best brought to the Tor-talk mailing
> list rather than the Tor-relay list.  At least the general Tor questions
> part of it.
> Thank you,
> Derric Atzrott
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