[tor-relays] Less Traffic on my relay

Tor Zilla torzilla11 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 7 17:45:46 UTC 2014

Hi Drake,

What you are saying makes lotta sense but what i see is a mix of information..

Lot of folks say that bridges work well in case the IP keeps changing but your point is how the user finds out whats the new IP for my bridge..

The only way i can think of is if its set to auto update the database but still the bridge users will have to manually download the directory every time which shows low availability of bridges.

But definitely we need some more info on this issue.

Also i guess we might wanna develop a tool where user can test whats the best option available for their tor relays(Non exit, bridge or exit relay) so that simply the user can run a test online and see what all options they have.

I will be happy to work with folks in making something like this in any way i can. But again that's just what i think




> Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 10:10:46 -0500
> From: drake at dasyatidae.net
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> Subject: Re: [tor-relays] Less Traffic on my relay
> Tor Zilla wrote:
> > You are right. I am using a DSL connection and my IP keeps changing often....
> > 
> > What i am going to do is setup a bridge instead of a non exit relay and watch how much i can contribute to the community.
> Sorry for jumping in---I'm seen this a few times and wonder whether it's really a good
> approach.  AFAIK, bridge addresses are often distributed through less reliable and
> higher-latency means, since the point is that clients can't just look them up via directory
> servers.  If hosting bridges on unstable IP addresses is frequent, I'd expect users who _need_
> them to start experiencing "obtain bridge address via highly rate-limited and possibly dangerous
> mechanism; it becomes unusable within a short period of time; no good way to know where it went
> because Tor access is already gone; go back into the breach again and possibly be denied
> further addresses or risk getting caught".
> So I'd think the effective stability requirements for a bridge, especially for IP address
> stability (maybe not for other kinds of stability?), are higher than for an "ordinary" relay
> for it to be a net positive.
> I see some posts on the Tor blog from a few years ago about trying to figure out how to
> compensate for this, and I saw some tickets about getting metrics about bridge address
> stability, but I haven't seen anything about good solutions yet.  Is this logic sound, or
> have I missed something important?
>    ---> Drake Wilson
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