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Chris Whittleston csw34 at cam.ac.uk
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Glad you think it might be useful - I don't know why I didn't post it here
when I first wrote it back in January.

I'm happy to release it under the CC-BY-SA license for anyone to use and
have modified the document accordingly. I agree that it would be fantastic
to make setting up a middle relay something anyone could do without much
technical knowledge. Have you considered a customised build of Raspian or
something similar with Tor already included, and some sort of simple setup

Let me know where you end up putting the documentation, I'd be curious to
see what else you are working on :)


On 24 March 2014 21:17, Gordon Morehouse <gordon at morehouse.me> wrote:

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> Hi, Chris!
> Chris Whittleston:
> > Thanks for this Gordon M - just thought I'd add that if it's useful
> > for anyone, I threw a Pi Tor (middle) relay setup guide together a
> > while ago - you can see it here:
> >
> >
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bf_D_j1O-9ckTS9DY8ngIdiFwHta6Q5Uj_5dvOiavCQ/edit?usp=sharing
> This
> >
> is great documentation.
> > If I've omitted anything important - please let me know. I know
> > it's long (and goes through some pretty simple stuff), but the idea
> > was to make it accessible to people who weren't otherwise likely to
> > give setting up a relay a try.
> That's the entire ultimate goal of The Cipollini Project - allow
> people who aren't super technically sophisticated to *easily* set up
> low-power, plug-and-forget Tor relays to bulk up the total
> middle-relay capacity of the network in the event of traffic growth,
> spikes (Turkey being a small example), and botnets.
> Would you be interested in donating or releasing your docs under some
> free license (GFDL, appropriate Creative Commons) so they could be
> wikified or otherwise made collaboratively editable and presented as
> part of, or as an adjunct to, Cipollini?  For now that might mean the
> Github wiki, but eventually the project will have its own site so
> less-experienced users can do some "one stop shopping" for documentation.
> Best,
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