[tor-relays] tip: when running relay in domestic situation, have server be DHCP dependency

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sun Mar 16 12:28:17 UTC 2014

Otherwise, others in the household might turn off everything to save
power, and have no idea that this effects their local Free Speech
Server (TM) (C) (R).

If stopping the server from connecting to the modem, or powering down
the server, stops all internet access, local fauna quickly notice said
loss of internet access and appeal with relative urgency to the local
Free Speech Server Guru.

Disconnection problems rapidly reduce in frequency.

Sincere apologies in hindsight to all anonymous clients to
gracemissionstor, which went down again this evening due to a
depressingly monotonously similar reason to the last few times.
But Good News: a report came, via txt message, rapidly followed by
personal phone support personnel (said internet users), whom, and who
would have thought it, said "urgent: our internet connection is down"
Wonder of wonders, awareness can be raised.  :)

Oh happy days! I get multiple personal contacts in almost real time,
from on-site specialists no less (and with direct personal knowledge
of the problem at hand), when our wholesome Free Speech Server
Services stop working!

You'd find it hard to find such service even if paid for :)

TECH Notes:

Put ADSL modem into bridge mode.
Run pppoe (or as appropriate) client on server.
Configure NAT, dhcpd and dnsd on server.
Test all these services work after a reboot.

For bonus points, install upnpd server.

Prophet (for the Guru).

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