[tor-relays] IPV6 exit

tor at afo-tm.org tor at afo-tm.org
Sun Mar 16 02:47:03 UTC 2014

tor at afo-tm.org:
> Hello,
> i run some exits they have IPV4 and IPV6 i did bind OR port to IPV4 and
> IPV6 which works good. I can connect to them using IPV6 but i can't exit
> to IPV6 destinations. I did set IPv6Exit 1 in torrc but it's not
> possible to exit to a ipV6 destination. Did i miss something? what else
> to do to be able to connect via tor to ipv6?
> Thanks for help

For people that are interestet in that to here the solution.

You have to set on Clients
"SocksPort IPv6Traffic PreferIPv6" to make IPV6 work

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